Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where my feet take me this summer....

Check out these wicked new kicks.

Yup, my first Mizuno’s, yo.

It’s like running on clouds.

And got them just as my old Asics were about to bite it. Stiff backs, soles torn apart. Yeah, I ran those suckers into the ground.

Since the NHL playoff finished up I’ve been running home from CBC after the HNiC radio show which beats the hell out of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic everyday.

I’ve found a great route that wiggles across Front to Bathurst and heads straight down to Lakeshore which takes me almost right to my doorstep. It’s a great run on a hot evening with a gentle breeze coming off the lake running alongside other joggers, inline skaters, cyclists and the occasional power-walker.

In the water there’s no shortage of rowers and dragon boat racers.

iPod selections on Friday’s run including tasty tunes from NIN, Arcade Fire and the Raconteurs.

And when I got home the two sheps jumped on me.

And Claire had spent the early evening working our juicer over and made this awesome juice blend of fresh carrot, apple + ginger juice.

The run is about 7k which is a perfect base for me to start working from this summer because.........I started ½ marathon training Thursday night!

Yup, still haven’t decided if I want to do the Scotiabank or Good Life runs (or even both?) but I know I have a goal to work towards this summer.

Thursday we started off with a simple little 4k run to kick things off and set our goals for the race.

Tomorrow morning is our first distance run as we bump it up to 7k.

Oh hi there, Chimp here.

Since changing my life around and switching to a vegan-based lifestyle (was off-and-on vegetarian for a long time) I’m always getting the question “so……no meat, no dairy, no animal products at all…what do you eat?”

For those of you who are vegan know the answer can go on and on and on and on as the moment you limit your food choices horizontally it forces you to look more vertically. I can honestly say I’ve never eaten better than since I switched to a vegan diet.

So to spare people the agony of my blathering on about tempeh, tofu and quinoa I think I’ll just direct people to this blog.

Get used to F.T.C blogs about everything from working out with my trainer Jon Kellet at The Body Temple ( to marathon training, my two German shepherds (Caesar + Schultz), men’s league hockey stupidity, the books I’m reading, music I’m into (I’m kind of obsessed w/Tool – just so you know), my job at CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada and most importantly the baby Claire and I are expecting any day now!

So kinda’ just about me and my life.

Hi, I’m the chimp…who are you?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Feed the Chimp?

“So, you want to do a blog, eh Jeff?”


“Don’t you already have a blog at”

Yeah but that’s all about hockey and occasionally MMA.

“Well, Jeff, most blogs have a point. Does yours?”


“What’s this blog about then?”

Um…well..I’m not really sure.